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Pariscribe Radiology leverages the latest technology to deliver a workflow-centric solution built with over 10 years of real-world implementations. Offered at a low monthly subscription fee, the Radiology Suite gives everyone in the clinic the tools to work faster and get the job done right the first time. In this suite are…


Intuitive workflow-driven registration process via the Check-In Wizard ™.


Powerful schedule and resource management for solo or group practice to facilitate the efficient flow of patients throughout the clinic.

Simple booking sheet look for visual booking. Templates to support complex rule-driven scheduling.


Powerful and intuitive billing for procedures captured in the Pariscribe system. Billing includes easy submission and reconciliation, integrated tracking, intelligent searches, billing templates, payment plans, splitting and dashboard views. The plain language template designer cuts through the complexities of billing for Province (ON, SK AB, BC) and out-of-province, worker's compensation, other third-parties and self-pay.

Clinical Pathways

Ability to customize care plan templates based on a diagnosis with available library of templates.

Referral Management

Referral Management tools including a Referral Portal, Referral scheduling and templates, Referral patient reports, statistical reporting and user management to support effective communications with Referrals before, during and following the care process.

Specialty Work Lists

Reporting Work List for the specialist to efficiently dictate, view priors, approve transcription and auto-attach billing data. Reports from a template to reduce needless clicking. Integrated with Dragon Dictate.

Transcription Work List to minimize turnaround time for the transcriptionist.

PACS Integration

For Radiology and other specialities requiring diagnostic imaging for clinical practice, we offer pre-built integration with the Lexmark NilRead PACS or can integrate to the PACS system of your choice. For information on NilRead, read more…

Message Centre

Secure messaging internally with team members as well as external communications with referrals and patients.

Integrated Fax Service

No third-party software for fax, the clinic is in control of what goes out and when.


A library of standard reports with the capability of customized reports supports the clinical and administrative needs of the practice.


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