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An electronic personal health record for individuals and caregivers

MyHealth, our personal health record solution empowers the individual or their caregiver to take control of their care. They can access, manage and share their health information, and that of others for whom they are authorized, in a private, secure and confidential environment. MyHealth provides the same robust function that is available to clinicians in our EMR product, all in a package licensed for personal use to the user and their immediate family.

Health Documentation
Record health information from clinical visits or about other personal experiences. Capture critical data such as family history, medications, problems, allergies, risk factors or vital signs. Make other observations with health record notes.

Document Management
Save electronic health documents such as scans of lab results or prescriptions in a central secure environment.

Information Sharing
Print a cumulative patient profile for a paper summary of the health record. Electronically export the health record to a clinician’s EMR using Clinical Documentation Architecture (CDA) standard.

• Central repository of personal health information
• Structured and integrated documentation of care with all clinicians
• Attached scans and other electronic documents
• Managed interactions and appointments for all care episodes
• Ongoing connection with clinicians
• Capability for integrated access to a wide range of regional health resources as they become available

Accessible anytime, anywhere
Support for health emergencies
Security and privacy of health information
Personal input into the care process
Share information with any provider you choose

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