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An electronic medical record that transforms the clinical documentation experience

The Pariscribe EMR Surface is an exciting and intuitive user interface utilizing the Windows 8 platform to leverage all the advantages it and touch screen tablet devices can offer. It takes all the function of the Pariscribe EMR and Practice Management function that is used by the clinician and delivers it through a user interface designed for a tablet form factor. This builds in all the screen input modalities and gestures to make the patient visit and clinical documentation process as intuitive and natural as possible.

The clinical user experience is transformed – moving towards the ease that traditional paper has provided in the clinical process. It has to be seen to be believed!

Natural User Experience
Experience how the Windows 8 user interface and touch screens transform the clinical documentation process. The clinical user has a variety of gestures such as swipes or taps as well as multiple data input tools such as stylus, voice recognition or traditional typing – all combined in a toolkit to suit the preferences of clinical user to make clinical documentation within the care process as natural as possible.

Clinical Documentation
Document the clinical encounter with Patient List, Patient Summary, Allergy, Add Appointment, Billing, Family History, Family History Details, Problems, Progress Note, Risk Factor, Vital Sign, Prescription, Drug Interactions, Reminders.

Practice Management Integration

Interact directly with the Practice Management system from your tablet by adding appointments and providing billing details.

Window 8 EMR
• Fully integrated with Pariscribe Practice Management system
• All relevant patient information is available at your finger- tips in a single view format, presented in an intuitive manner
• Easily display and identify patient health trends with one step graph generation
• Available in both Local and ASP configurations
• Available in both official languages
• Integrated with a wide range of Iaboratories and hospitals
• Extensive custom forms and templates library
• Interactive chronic disease management tools
• Preventative care management
• Drug decision support tools

EMR Surface integrates eight key components into one easy-to-use package:
• Cumulative patient profiles
• Progress notes
• Letters
• Reminders
• Prescription writing
• Office messaging and Practice Management Integration
• Drug interactions
• Lab results integration

Progress notes enable you to attach photos or other images, scanned documents and consultation letters for each visit, and launches graphs-directly from the screen.

• Enhanced care experience with patient
• Better communication; lessened administrative costs and billing inefficiencies with by automated Billing submission
• Template driven workflows mean more staff time to help patient and referral care while retaining a tight operational control
• Faster test, report and clinical documentation turnaround time to provide staff time for higher value tasks and increased profitability
• Engages the community of care with tools that link together practices, physiotherapy services and resources for a more efficient clinic and faster delivery of patient care


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