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Implementation Services


Clinic groups that assume operational responsibility of the physical server will deploy them in the office or remotely in a data centre. Pariscribe can assist in the design and implementation of a strategy for key design elements of an appropriate infrastructure such as system back-up and fail-over or secure networking. Your practice is a real-time environment and protecting your patient data is a priority.

Depending on what infrastructure you currently have, there are additional items that you may consider purchasing beyond Pariscribe servers. These items may include workstations, label printers, document scanners, magnetic card readers. In addition, your office will need to be connected to the Internet, and additional phone lines may be required for faxing, billing and labs access.

Data Conversion

Most established clinics move their patient demographic information into Pariscribe. Some clinics will additionally move other data such billing histories, appointments and schedule histories, or their electronic patient charts. Conversion can be a complex project, and Pariscribe will work alongside the client to understand what is to be converted and what it will look like when incorporated into Pariscribe.


Both practitioners and staff will require specialized training to enable them to efficiently and correctly use Pariscribe applications. You should plan for a minimum of staff training consisting of two two-hour sessions to train on system functionality and an additional session for billing processes. Practitioner training can consist of two three-hour sessions to cover basic usage. Additional training can be arranged should the comfort level of practitioners and staff require it. Pariscribe staff will also be on site for the “go-live” date to provide additional support to staff.

Maintenance and Support

Ongoing maintenance is critical to ensure that the system and your practice it supports continues to run smoothly. Pariscribe provides support that includes telephone and email support, annual software updates and 24/7/365 emergency coverage that is tracked and resolved with a formal support methodology.


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