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Executives at Pariscribe have been leaders in the EMR market for over 10 years and were key in building the first web-based EMR in Canada. In addition to this, they have worked with many organizations on the regional, provincial and national level such as the Ontario Ministry of Health and Canada Health Infoway. The management brings to its customers a unique, comprehensive and practical understanding of the workflow and practice management priorities in specialty and primary care clinics, was well as an intimate knowledge of the aims and goals of healthcare authorities.

Pariscribe was born in response to a company founder being approached by an EMR user who was managing over 25 clinics and extremely frustrated. Their systems were from different vendors and the inefficient work flow between modules were resulting in cases being lost, reports being sent out late and inaccuracies in billing. The clinics were losing revenue, losing patients from unhappy referring physicians and suffering inefficiency from regular system malfunctions.

Feedback from numerous other specialists was that the market was failing to support the referral process so important to specialty practices and not sufficiently flexible to support a variety of clinic workflows, documentation and billing requirements in specialty and primary care clinics.

In response, Pariscribe set out to build products which enable both specialist and referring practitioners to provide and manage services in an effective manner that is conducive to improving patient outcomes through better access to care.

Our Mission

With this vision, Pariscribe has undertaken the mission to enable complete health care provider control of their practice to improve financial and clinical performance. It will do so by cutting through the barriers to EMR adoption with useable, natural user interfaces, use of integrated systems for both Specialty and Primary Care settings — all to facilitate intuitive and efficient interaction with the system and ultimately, the care community.


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