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Consolidated management of claims processing from multiple sites and multiple systems, even third-party systems is critical for effective completion of the claims processing cycle.

•  Do you know what you are getting paid from your current billing system?
•  Have you noticed that you are short when you get claims sent from your current check from the Ministry?
•  Are your claims in limbo?
•  Is there an easy way to look at all claims sent form you current billing systems and paid by the ministry in one
   quick view?

All of the above questions are answered with Pariscribe Billing Adjudication System. No matter which system you use for OHIP billing, Pariscribe Billing Adjudication will read all of your claim files, error files and remittance files created by the other systems and show you the claims that:

•  were sent out
•  were paid
•  were rejected
•  were resubmitted
•  can be recovered
•  can be resubmitted

The intuitive user interface users can process all files from multiple systems and provide the tools to manage claims throughout the entire claims process.


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